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We build the finest skateboard components around

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Chrome ViceTrux

Reversible Dual cantilever suspension trucks for the ultimate carving experience.

Come on, you know you want to flip this bad boy over!

ViceTrux Die-cast Aluminum

Carving and turning with it’s independent axle suspension greatly improves your overall ride.  Axle can travel vertically 5mm and is positioned 1 degree for pretension positive roadgrip.

$136 per pair – Learn More
ViceTrux Board and Trux

ViceTrux and LongBoard

The Ultimate Ride. With ViceTrux you get more turn than longboards.

Come on, you know you want to flip this bad boy over!

ViceTrux Longboard


Whether bombing hills super fast or for long distance skating; with ViceTrux you get more dampening with reduced chatter for a smoother ride and less stress on the body.

Price: $260 – Learn More

ViceTrux Viper Cushions

Smooth ride no matter the street surface - These are guaranteed to please!!

Come on, you know you want to flip this bad boy over!

The Ultimate Smooth Ride


Made from polyurethane (PU), with various durometers available, they wedge inside the Swing Axle Arms in the correct downward position and load tension creating a “vice like” hold to the pavement while skating.

Price: $19.95 – Learn More

Our trux decrease stresses on the body.

Pretensioned trucks have a 1/8″ travel and variable cushion rebound depending on your custom durometer selection

ViceTrux Full Suspension Longboard

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 The Ultimate Evolutionary Urban Guerilla board for skating everything in the streets !

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ViceTrux is a full suspension longboard that is the ultimate evolutionary urban guerrilla for skating everything in the streets! With ViceTrux, you get more turn than longboards that typically have an increased wheel base (29.4″), which is the distance between trucks that currently slows down the turn. It has exceptional compression properties, which is amplified with the bending of your knees and pressing down on the board while in transition, giving you increased thrust.

The fluidity of carving and turning with its independent axle suspension greatly improves the fluidity of motion that the rider feels.

Skating is a test of one’s ability, mental toughness, fortitude and this complete longboard setup brings these all together.

Price: $260 – Learn More